StarCraft 2 Artanis

Pencil drawing of Artanis from StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Drawing video:…

Tools/Materials used:

* Strathmore Bristol Board 11 X 14 (Smooth Surface)
* Staedtler 0.5mm Mechanical Pencils (2B)
* Staedtler 0.3mm Mechanical Pencils (2H, HB, 2B)
* Derwent Graphite Pencils (4H)
* Mechanical Pencil Eraser
* Kneaded Eraser
* Regular Eraser
* Blending Stumps and Tortillons
* Ruler

Total time spent - About 60 hours


The Dominion vs Tau Empire

Terran Dominion: Highly factionalized, the humans (or Terrans as they are also called), have among their ranks powerful space marines, massive tanks, and powerful weapons with which to engage the enemy. And such strength is often required; for humanity often finds itself under attack from either the mysterious Protoss or the ferocious Zerg.

Tau Empire: A young, humanoid and highly technologically-advanced intelligent race who are fighting to expand their interstellar empire and a philosophical concept they call the Greater Good. The Tau claim to be a peaceful race when possible, asking if others will join their cause voluntarily instead of fighting. However, if their peaceful overtures are refused, the Tau may well decide to conquer a planet and add it to their growing interstellar empire for the greater good, destroying anyone who stands against their benign expansions.

Now these two will face each other on a world about to descend into war. Will the Dominion fight off the Empire as they have the Protectorate and the Swarm, or will the Greater Good prevail? The Tau have faced humans before, even space marines and super-tanks, but will they be able to conquer this new strange of humanity, or will the xenos fall before them? Only time will tell, as both sides give their all to find out once and for all...


*(Because I know this will pop up if I say nothing: No space battles. Planet-side only.)

(Disclaimer: Just to be clear, these two combatants were created / are owned by people far more creative / wealthier then me. I have made this, not for profit, but in the hopes of encouraging spirited discussion among fans. Please support the combatants official series. Thank you, that is all).


La’Stanza, Tal’Darim defector ( Highly recommend for club and party scenes where music is a must. )

I’ve been meaning to start designing this character for a while now as a new art doll project. a neon Tal’Darim DJ-Adept, prioritizing the hot pink as I have an over abundance of vibrant pink fabric and need more reasons to use it. My eyes are on fire now, thanks me. 

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