The Blink Era

To those people who played Heart of the Swarm, do you remember the infamous "Blink Era" of 2014-2015? The time when blink stalkers dominated? I member. The combination of blink, mothership core for highground spotting, instantaneous time warp, and cliff heavy maps allowed blink stalkers to destroy all but the most defensive players early game. Those were dark times, unless you were one of the blink stalker abusers. (I was one of those people, good times.) :^)

This picture was made 11/10/2016.

This picture is made using pencil, fine tip black marker and colouring pencils.

This picture is from Starcraft, an RTS franchise created and owned by Blizzard.

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LotV - Selendis' Super Carrier

    This is the Protoss Super Carrier, in its upgraded form, commanded by Executor Selendis of the Daelaam Protoss. Executor Selendis' Super Carrier was first seen during the events of the Second Great War such as the Daelaam Protoss' attempt to purify the Agrian Colonist on the planet Haven due to the presence of zerg infestation on the said colonist.

    In the alternate, negated timeline where the terrans have been annihilated, and the protoss made their last stand on the distant, shadowed world, Selendis' Super Carrier also participated in the battle but it was been destroyed by the combined forces of Amon's hybrid legion and the enslaved Zerg Swarm.

    During the events of the End War, Executor Selendis' Super Carrier also was last seen when the Protoss began the Reclamation of Aiur.

LotV - Shield of Aiur

 The Shield of Aiur was a Protoss mothership commanded by Hierarch Artanis in the alternate, negated timeline where the protoss made their final stand on the distant, shadowed world. During the battle, the Shield of Aiur was destroyed by the combined Hybrid army of Amon and the enslaved Zerg Swarm.

    During the events of Legacy of the Void, the Shield of Aiur's fate was unknown. It is likely that this mothership participated during the Reclamation of Aiur and it was destroyed during the battle against Zerg on Aiur or it was being commanded by other Khalai Protoss commanders after Amon 
possessed the Khala.