Name: Bryant Williams. 
Nickname/shortened name: Bryant or Bry. 
Species: Human or mutant. 
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black and Blue. 
Sexuality: Straight 
Age: Late 20's. 

Temperament: Laid back outwardly, but mostly an anxious individual. Can be a bit pushy and even demanding at some points, the closer you are to him, but he normally does this with good intentions. He has a good heart, but he is nervous to get close to anyone besides Emilia, not to mention his immune system is always compromised by the fact he is a mutant, which makes him unable to really interact with others unless they come to his lab. 

Likes: Gaming - mmorpgs, streaming, star gazing, computer or electronics in general, Protoss, Elf women (cries), the color blue, neon colors actually, those are nice, hair dye, pixel art. 

Dislikes: Germs, messy work place, the food Emilia orders for him at the station, being late for work, lifting heavy things, chips, junk food in general besides cookies, he likes those. 

Art and Bryant © Me